Monday, July 11, 2011

Before my last stop

I have been telling myself for years I wanted to write a book called Last Stop this side of the River Stix.  I am not sure why I wanted to write a book, I suspect something about being a writter sounded cool, cooler than me.  Over the course of 25 years I did nothing to further this dream and started to assume it was not my dream but one of those dreams foisted on me by society.  Then I found James Altucher ( and started reading.  Reading James it dawned on me I just did not understand why I wanted to write and so was locked into writing a book.  2 simple reasons I wanted to write, impact other people in a positive way and tell a great story.  Turns out all the BS associated with writing a book the old fashioned way, perhaps I should reconsider the new way, would not much contribute to either.  As a result today I started my blog, Last Stop this Side of the River Styx.  This is sort of my version of a bucket list.  But its not about things I want to do, its about conversations I want to have, things I want to say, questions I want to ask before I cross the River.  My hope is that you will find my posts interesting, thought provoking, inspiring, and maybe somehow my words will change the world in some small but meaningful way.  If that does not happen well then at least I will have tried writing as I said I had always wanted to and thereby die happier than had I just sat on my couch and played xBox.

No that is not me or my kids but it could have been had I not started writing this blog today?  I do not have the cool polar bear though...

Hi, my name is Todd Haugen.  On the surface I should be one of the most boring damn people you would ever meet, middle aged, white, male, working at Microsoft, 3 kids, all boys, second marriage, my wife is a flight attendant, living in upper middle class bellevue, etc, etc, etc.  As with life though, too easy to judge a book by its cover and miss all that juicy goodness inside (mmm, slurp)

Looking from another perspective

Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Born in Stanford Hospital,
I was an unwanted child.  Yep that is right I was put up for adoption, snatched from my mother’s arms at birth.  I was adopted by the doctor who birthed me, I was the youngest of 7, my mother was blind, and my name was Scott.  I was with the family for 2 weeks but fortunately my grandmother was having nothing doing.  She stormed into the house where I lived with my new family grabbed me and said her lawyers would be in touch.  Whew, narrow miss.  My life only got more interesting from there, as evidenced by the places I have lived.  I have lived:
  • in every state west of the Rockies except Utah (oh yeah, and Wyoming)
  • in a tee pee at 11,000ft (ask me about the bathroom in the dead of winter)
  • in a Zen commune (ask me about the bathroom)
  • in 5 foreign countries (ask me about the bathroom)
  • in a van down by the river (no seriously, oh yeah, and ask me about the bathroom)
Yes it is true, after a lifetime of poor bathroom conditions I see the bathroom as the most important room in the house.

Tomorrow I will be writing about republicans, democrats and flying potatoes.

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