Friday, July 15, 2011

Wordworld date night

Not our usual date night but we did this on our honeymoon.

Today was a huge milestone for me, my first outing since my two operations on my leg.  Turns out today is date night and I decided I could jump in the car and we could go and get take out.  We have a favorite Indian restaurant, Chutney's, and we had not seen the owner, Bill, in a couple of months so off we went.  Given my poor Lisa has been short order cook for me for 2 weeks now she was SUPER excited to have great food that she did not have to cook.  Its going to be a great date night!  We ordered too much food and reveled in the delicious smells coming from the bag all the way home, mmmm!

On the way home we reminisced about all the great times we have had eating at Chutney's and laughing about how in love we still are after 5 years.  Not that long but we are still very much in love, kind of sticky sweet huh?  Now as parents of 3 boys we truly covet our date nights, we have them every other Friday and never miss them.

Never is an interesting word when you live in a house with 3 boys, an Au Pair, a dog, frogs, neighbor kids, sports, camps, arts, etc.  In fact rigid views of the world do not work well for us, they just make it so hard for things to work out.  My blog mentor, James Altucher says most things don't work out but to that I say poppy cock, everything works out if you are willing to be flexible on the definition of "works out".  I went to ski camp and shattered my leg, I have had lots of sympathy from folks who all say its great to hear you are in such great spirits.  To that I say, I had a 50/50 chance of even keeping my leg, damn lucky huh?  That is the magic of seeing the world half-full, everything works out.  Sure, it could  have been better, but who cares it wasn't, it didn't, but truth is what I got is GREAT.  Did my first marriage fail or am I ecstatic I have a spectacular life with Lisa?  Did my company fail or did I launch a dream career with Microsoft?  That is life, it ALWAYS works out unless you end it all.  That is an epic failure but everything else is a victory!  I am not advocating you settle for what ever you have--- quite the contrary, there are aspects of your current situation that cannot easily be changed so embrace them as strengths, as parts of your support structure.  Here is the deal, in any game, you need rules so you can develop a strategy for winning.  All those aspects of your current situation are just that, rules to help you develop a winning strategy.  It is far easier to win when some of your variables are fixed.

This is the magic of being irrepressible, nothing is a failure, you are always looking for how to take all the pieces you have and leverage them to your next experience which will inevitably be a success on some level where you will just pick up more pieces and do it again until you just can't wipe the crazy grin off your face.  I do not recommend you foist this perpetual happiness on those around you, if they need to complain about the travesties of old age then by all means indulge them just remember inside you are saying to yourself, wow, I sure am glad my life is so great!

As I said earlier NEVER missing a date night is relative.  Tonight our childcare fell through so we brought home take out and served it up on the bed.  Since our 4 year old was not about to play by himself, not that he doesn't, its just this is date night so no chance he will entertain himself...  So there we are on the bed eating Vindaloo with potatoes and cauliflower watching one of our favorites, Word World with our 4 year old.  The whole time my heart swelled to bursting with the love of my family.  Sure I would rather be rolling in the hay just the 2 of us but either way my heart is bursting!

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