Friday, August 5, 2011

Why I hate you

OK, I do not hate you, I probably do not even know you but I have heard this word a bunch in media and in conversation of late.

I do not hate anyone.  I do even hate my old best friend who ran off with my first wife.  Why not?  Hate does not add to my life.  Look at it like this, its a glorious sunny day and you are on the beach does thinking, see that guy over there with the big pec's man I hate him.  Does that make your day better?  mmm, yes, I know, cradling that hate like a cup of coco on a dreary winter day, it just makes you warm inside doesn't it;-)

Seriously, when did America lose the tolerance that is the very seed of our existence?  I think we have been on a downward slide for more than 100 years.  Now days I am afraid to announce my religion or political affiliation on a bumper sticker because it might incite someone to key my car.  I can't talk about these things at work, it might risk a future job opportunity.  In fact, it has been suggested my blog will put future positions at risk and that is sad.  My blog takes my life's failures and observations and uses them to showcase the lessons we can all learn.  Was I stupid in my youth, duh, we all were, the only question is did you learn anything from your idiocy?

I have this funny picture in my head of our forefathers arguing about freedom of religion or all men are created equal.  I can see it had to be a throw down, like some episode of the three stooges.  Can you see Madison throwing the one hand block on Washington as Washington tried to jab Madison in the eyes?  nyah, nyah, nyah, then he gets past the defense using 2 hands...  Seriously, can you imagine the monstrous arguments they had and still respected each other enough to come to the table day in and day out to form our government?  That is tolerance, that is respect for diversity.

In fact perhaps that is the problem its not tolerance we need but absolute respect for diversity.  I do not mean the the big 4, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, those are givens.  I mean respect for diversity of style one person uses confrontation as a catalyst and one avoids confrontation, neither is better and depending on the situation either could be more useful.  Detail oriented vs big picture, organized vs unstructured, rigid vs flexible, missionary vs masochistic, they are just differences.  I learned long ago if you new about everyone's sex life you would never respect anyone again.  At this personal level everyone is either lame or crazy.  Can't we just see each other as different and appreciate that as the joy of life?

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